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Beauty and the Beach

My sister and her husband have started to produce and hopefully sell their own handmade sea glass jewellery.

Sea glass is an unwanted glass that was dumped into the sea by nearby glassworks manufacturers. Over the course of time the ebb and flow of the tide has shaped the glass into a thing of natural beauty which is very rare and highly sought after. The rarest colours are blue, purple, red, yellow, orange and multi coloured, and these will command a higher price to the clear, green and brown shades. However the more common shades are still beautiful in there own right. The glass has then washed up on the beach, collected and then made into beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery.  The glass has not been altered in any way, its natural beauty is preserved, they are only drilled in order to make them into jewellery.

The jewellery is currently on display and available to purchase at The Acorn Guest House, and also online at the following address.

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